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Bradley Hamar, O.D.
Bradley Hamar, O.D.

Originally from Visalia, Brad remained rooted throughout his childhood. Born and raised in the exact same home, he grew up tending to animals and riding dirt bikes on his family's 3-acre ranch. He didn't spend money in search of fun or much time inside, instead, he ventured outdoors and made do with whatever was available in nature. He played baseball in his younger years and found his way into water polo when he entered junior high. The sport ended up propelling him to Cuesta College in San Luis Obispo, and later, Concordia College In Irvine.

Eventually, he found his thoughts falling upon his future. He came from a big family and wanted to find a profession that would offer the time and flexibility to have a family of his own. Being the social type, he also needed continuous human interaction. He found everything he was looking for in optometry and decided it was his true calling. He applied and was accepted at Southern California College of Optometry in 2014 and met his eventual partner and fellow optometrist, Riley, during his first year there. The two have been inseparable since. They were married in 2016, graduated in 2018, and went hunting for their new life together.
Having only driven through Chico in his college years, Brad was pleasantly surprised by how much it reminded him of his hometown. Built around agriculture, and with plenty to do in the great outdoors, it seemed like the perfect place to work, and eventually, raise a family. Luckily, Riley felt the same. They were both offered positions with North Valley Eye Care, which they accepted, and the two began working for the practice full-time in June. Brad is now working at one of North Valley Eye Care's newest locations, Feather River Eye Care, in Yuba City located at 901 Maple Avenue. Initially opened by ophthalmologist Ronald Kalayta, M.D., the practice has long stood as Yuba City's premier eyecare destination. Brad, the doctors, and the staff at NVEC are looking forward to continuing that history of service and trust for the Yuba City and Marysville communities.

Asked about what he enjoys most about his job, Brad replies, “I love working with the geriatric population. They tend to share more and always have great advice to give that only comes from a life filled with experience. I'm looking forward to getting into diabetic and glaucoma eye care as I really enjoy those fields and there's a strong prevalence of it in Yuba City. I couldn't be more excited to work here and have the opportunity to meet all new faces from kids to those that are 100+ years old. We couldn't be more excited for Brad and Riley's new life together in Chico, and the youthful energy they're bringing to the practice at Feather River Eye Care.

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